Many thanks to the ECDC membership who came out to vote for the 2017 Executive Board. We have a fantastic all-volunteer board this year (listed in the order prescribed by our bylaws):
President:                             Peter Chau
Executive Vice President:    Mister Phillips
Immediate Past President:   Hilary Crosby
VP Membership:                  Tom Cesa
VP Treasurer:                       Greg Lyman
VP Publications:                   Kip Crosby
VP Records:                         Marlene Keller
VP Programs:                       Gabe Quinto
VP Media:                             Mollie Hazen
I want to honor and thank our immediate past president, Hilary Crosby, who served our club with passion and dedication. As a small sample of her accomplishments: she ran the most professional, well-run endorsement forum that I’ve ever attended (ever!); organized great speakers like CA State Treasurer John Chiang for our annual dinner; and mentored the next generation of Democratic leaders. I am inspired by her progressive convictions and work ethic. If I can fill half of her shoes, I’ll call 2017 a success.
At our last meeting, our members approved a new budget for the 2017 year; approved changes to our by-laws to align our by-laws to our club’s best practices; and laid out club priorities for 2017. The Executive Board will work to implement our members’ approved priorities. Many great ideas were considered and approved, making 2017 an exciting year to come. We, as the progressive voice of El Cerrito, will continue to think global, act local.
In the spirit of service,