Special Endorsement Meeting – Aug 25, 2018

Where: El Cerrito High School Cafeteria

10 AM to 5 PM: Voting Begins at 11 AM and ends at 4 PM

  • 10 AM  Doors Open
  • 11 AM Call to Order, Voting Begins, Speakers Begins

Program Presentations (Information Submitted by Paul Fadelli)

11AM  Begin Voting and Speakers.  Note actual speakers depends upon final filing and certification of those running.  Unopposed Democrats are offered the opportunity to speak at 6:30 on 8-28-18.

The 2018 ECDC endorsement process for the 2018 election will continue through the next two meetings scheduled in August — and possibly include the September meeting.  Members are encouraged to come hear participating candidates and vote for those they wish to be endorsed by ECDC.

Following are the DRAFT details of the ECDC endorsement events.  Because of filing deadlines this month, some of this information will have to be updated with candidates’ names after August 13 — based on which candidates ultimately decide to run for office:

This event encourages candidates to present their case for endorsement and to answer specific questions created by the ECDC Executive Board.   All local Democrats are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Only eligible ECDC members, however, will be able to vote at this event to endorse. for Other clubs will do their endorsement voting at their own meetings at a subsequent date.

As in times past, for each race (listed below), the event will open with short statements from each candidate, followed by a moderated Q&A and concluding with brief (1-2 minutes) closing remarks. The Club members will then vote to endorse according to our endorsement rules. If a candidate receives 60% of the vote (voting members who attend) then they will receive the Club’s endorsement.  If no candidate receives 60% of the vote, then there will be no endorsement.

All candidates are welcomed to attend the endorsement forums; however, the Club will only endorse Democrats. ECDC endorsements are made in each election cycle according to our bylaws. Only members in good standing for 45 days prior to the endorsement forum may vote, and the ECDC may only endorse Democrats in any race whether partisan or non-. A candidate must be selected on 60% of the members present to gain the club’s endorsement.

With California’s “top two” primary rule ECDC will in several cases have to decide between two Democratic finalists.  The Club will hear from candidates/representatives and endorse competitive candidates representing the following offices:

11:00 to 1:00

  • Lieutenant Governor:
  • Assembly District 15
  • El Cerrito City Council

1:00 to 3:00

  • WCCUSD Trustees
  • West Contra Costa Healthcare
  • AC Transit Director

3:00 to 4:00

  • Contra Costa County Superintendent of Schools
  • Contra Costa College Trustee