Membership meeting preview

Upcoming regular Membership Meeting will be held on August 28, 2018 at the Presbyterian Church at 545 Ashbury Ave, El Cerrito 94530. Meeting will start at 6:30 pm

Agenda submitted by Janet Abelson

  • 6:00 Doors Open:  Pizza available ($5)
  • 6:30  Call to Order
  • 6:35 October 20 Dinner – Mark your calendar
  • 6:40 Fall Precinct Walking Volunteers
  • 6:45  Announcements

Announcements to include proposal by Hari Lamba to compose and send an ECDC Resolution to the national Democratic Committee, not to accept money from Fossil Fuel Companies – see short blurb in newsletter below.

Program Presentations (Information submitted by Paul Fadelli)

Democratic candidates for the following offices — who have either no opposition, have Republican opponents or have won that seat in the June primary — are on the ECDC Consent Endorsement list and will not participate in the August 25 event.  However, these candidates will be invited to address ECDC members at the August 28 meeting at the club’s regular venue if they wish to attend.

  • Governor
    • Gavin Newsom
  • Secretary of State
    • Alex Padilla
  • Treasurer
    • Betty Yee
  • Controller
    • Fiona Ma
  • Insurance Commissioner
    • Ricardo Lara
  • Board of Equalization
    • Malia Cohen
  • Attorney General
    • Xavier Becerra
  • Contra Costa County Supervisor
    • John Gioia
  • CC County District Attorney
    • Diana Becton
  • US Representative
    • Mark DeSaulnier

This meeting will continue the Club’s endorsement process. There are 12 propositions on the November General Election Ballot and the County Democratic Party has made endorsement recommendations on all of them.   Because of the great number of initiatives and the lengthy process it would take to review, the ECDC board is recommending that members review the endorsement positions of the county party and determine if there are any propositions which might warrant separate discussion and endorsement by ECDC members.

Following is the list of CA ballot initiative for the November 2018 election:

Proposition 1 Bonds Issues $4 billion in bonds for housing programs and veterans’ home loans
Proposition 2 Bonds Authorizes state to use revenue from millionaire’s tax for $2 billion in bonds for homelessness prevention housing  
Proposition 3 Bonds Issues $8.877 billion in bonds for water-related infrastructure and environmental projects  
Proposition 4 Bonds Issues $1.5 billion in bonds for children’s hospitals  
Proposition 5 Taxes Revises process for homebuyers who are age 55 or older or severely disabled to transfer their tax assessments  
Proposition 6 Taxes Repeals 2017’s fuel tax and vehicle fee increases and requires public vote on future increases  
Proposition 7 Time Authorizes legislature to provide for permanent daylight-saving time if federal government allows  
Proposition 8 Healthcare Requires dialysis clinics to issue refunds for revenue above a certain amount  
Proposition 10 Housing Allows local governments to regulate rent  
Proposition 11 Labor Allow ambulance providers to require workers to remain on-call during breaks paid  
Proposition 12 Animals Bans sale of meat from animals confined in spaces below specific sizes  

For ECDC member review, following is the list of recommended positions by the County Democratic Party for the 2018 General Election. Please be prepared on August 28 to endorse those positions on the propositions as presented by the County Party on a consent list or to recommend further discussion of specific propositions to be taken up at the September 25th ECDC meeting.

Statewide Ballot Measures:

  • Proposition 1 (Veterans Bond) – SUPPORT
  • Proposition 2 (No Place Like Home Act) —SUPPORT
  • Proposition 3 (Water Bond) —NO POSITION
  • Proposition 4 (Children’s Hospital Bond) —SUPPORT
  • Proposition 5 (Property Tax Assessment Changes)—OPPOSE
  • Proposition 6 (Road Repair Fund Repeal) —OPPOSE
  • Proposition 7 (Daylight Savings Time Repeal) —SUPPORT
  • Proposition 8 (Regulation of Dialysis Centers) —SUPPORT
  • Proposition 9 (Dividing California) —OPPOSE
  • Proposition 10 (Rent Control Ban Repeal) —SUPPORT
  • Proposition 11 (Ambulance Employee Break Restrictions) —OPPOSE
  • Proposition 12 (Farm Animal Well -Being) —SUPPORT

Source: CDP endorsements:

For more detailed information on the November 2018 ballot initiative measures go to:

As mentioned above, any candidate who does not need to seek an ECDC endorsement may request to address our club at this meeting. Additional information on the September 25 ECDC Meeting featuring WCCUSD Superintendent Mathew Duffy will be available early next month.

8:25 pm  Adjourn