Results of the October 28 Delegate Election

Everyone: thanks again for pulling together for the Annual Dinner. Here are the results of the delegate election:

To meet the majority vote threshold, 19 “Yes” votes needed to be cast for each successful candidate delegate. Congratulations to Tom Cesa (30 “Yes” votes) and Paul Fadelli (19 “Yes” votes), who will be delegates to the early endorsement caucus. Special shout-out to the remaining delegate candidates, Marlene Keller and Mollie Hazen, for volunteering as candidates.

For the five remaining slots, the E-Board has appointed the following delegates to represent ECDC:
Bob MacDonald
Ruby MacDonald
Dwight Merrill
Gloria Merrill
Sojeila Silva

Special thanks to Hilary Crosby for taking extra time to recruit volunteers for these important positions.