Ready for Hillary PAC Fundraiser

Granholm_Hillaryby Carla Hansen

The question, “will she or won’t she,” still looms when looking forward to the 2016 Presidential race. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic candidate: it isn’t “official” yet, but that’s not stopping the early fundraising!

On October 17, Club members Hilary Crosby and Carla Hansen attended a fundraiser sponsored by the Ready for Hillary PAC at the home of Karen Weinstein and Michael Goldhaber. Former Governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm “fired up” the attendees with her speech about the importance of women electeds and the need to see a woman president.

While she still ponders her decision to run, there’s no doubt (from the energy of the event) she will have a diverse base of support from the Bay Area who has really been ready for Madame President Hillary Clinton.