New VP of Publications

Hi, this is Kip, and I’m honored to serve as our Club’s Vice-President of Publication for the next year. Thus, I’m responsible for the monthly newsletter, and I’m sure it will be an exciting responsibility. I’ve followed Presidential politics, at least informally, since 1952 – the year in which our venerable Club was founded – and I can’t remember an election year more contentious than this one. As Democrats, we have the obligation to hold the line against complete electoral chaos.

We must concede that the Republicans, nationally, are thoroughly energized. But they’re doing the nation the tremendous favor of wasting that energy in factionalism and splitting. No longer does the Republican party divide easily into “conservative” and “moderate” wings; we’re looking at the “conservatives” hoping that Ted Cruz will prevail, the “moderates” hoping that a credible nominee will emerge from the field, and the rising “populist” faction going all in for Trump – a prospect that has the other two segments terrified. A sizable minority of Republicans are declaring that they’ll leave the party. It’s superficially amusing, but also a cause for deep concern.

We are Democrats and, as we head into this election season, the responsibility for political equilibrium rests with us. Admittedly we could wish that we had a deeper bench, but to balance that out, the competition between Clinton and Sanders has invigorated our party, bringing in millions of first-time voters while it creates opportunities to clarify policy positions. Our new age of tweeting, blogging, and commenting has become a time of unrivaled political ferment. Now that the primaries have begun, we must all remember that two political activities count above all – organizing and voting.

Make your resolution, now, at this moment, to help get out the Democratic vote in November. Hard work and dedication will being tremendous rewards.