January Meeting Preview-Message from the President

Regular Club Meeting

  Tuesday, January 26

6:00 p.m.

Zion Presbyterian Church

545 Ashbury Ave

The next Club meeting will be on Tuesday, January 27. We have packed agenda for our first meeting of 2016. We’ll be electing executive board members, reviewing the 2016 budget and discussing the meeting calendar for the year. Please see the proposed 2016 budget within the newsletter.

Executive Board Elections

We have Club members interested in all board positions this year. I’m confident we will have collaborative and productive board for the extremely busy year ahead.  The following is the list of board positions and interested members (and incumbents):

Immediate Past President: Carla Hansen

Vice President of Records: Mollie Hazen

Vice President of Media: Scott Kagawa

Vice President of Publications (newsletter): Kip Crosby

Vice President of Membership: Igor Tregub*

Vice President of Programs: Gabriel Quinto*

Treasurer: Greg Lyman*

Executive Vice President: Nick Arzio*

President: Mister Phillips

(*) incumbent

Nick Arizo is interested both the Executive Vice President and President positions and plans to stand for election for both.

As always, we will take nominations and the Club will vote for each position. If there are not contested races, the Club has an option to elect the board as noted above.

2016 Budget

Greg Lyman will present the proposed 2016 Budget. Please see the detailed budget within the newsletter.

Pre-Endorsement Conference Delegates 

At the November 2015, meeting the Club voted to confirm the list of delegates representing the Club at the pre-endorsement conference on Saturday, January 30 and the Convention in February.

As past practice, the Club President submitted the list of delegates (made up of members who have served as delegates in the past and those who were interested in serving) by the deadline given. The Club was unable to hold a formal election of these delegates and as a compromise will vote at the January 2016 meeting for who the delegates will be voting for.

The list of delegates is as follows:

Al Miller

Barbara Miller

Scott Kagawa

Nick Arzio

Jonee Grassi

Cesar Zepeda

Kim Gomez

Carla Hansen

Scott Lyons

Rebecca Benassini

The Club will be voting on who the delegates will be voting for on January 30.

Here’s the list of candidates seeking endorsements:

Assembly District 15

Tony Thurmond

Senate District  9 

Sandre Swanson

Nancy Skinner

Katherine Welch

Congressional District 11

Mark DeSaulnier

For more information about the pre-endorsement conference click here: