ECDC Member Spotlight

By Kiev Smith 

My name is Kiev Smith and I am a member of the El Cerrito Democratic Club. I decided to write this to be an inspiration to other members for establishing or strengthening bonds with one another.  I realized that trust is essential when achieving goals including those requiring a group effort so being available to allow friends know me is a step toward generating it.

I enjoy being a political activist. I am also interested in political occurrences worldwide. When I was a child, as a consequence of misbehaving, I was told to read African-American biographies and write essays on them . I disliked the notion of it being a consequence but when I discovered the causes and achievements of the people I read about, I became inspired to be involved in encouraging change based on the principles of equality, consciousness and morality .

I am grateful to have been born in a country where democracy is established and practiced. It is humbling knowing in other countries people have experienced adversity and alter their current political system to a democratic. This is why I understand the importance of maintaining America’s democratic establishment. There is opposition who have and currently think that alternatives ( ex. imperialism , separatism and communism ) are more practical than democracy so efforts are being made to replace it. I believe it is my responsibility to be involved I preventing that from happening.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to join the El Cerrito Democratic Club because the members are dynamic. This is a culture who have experienced challenges and achievements as a result of their investments of energy, support, encouragement, passion and compassion. I admire these qualities. I am excited about “sailing uncharted waters” along with activists who have endured the ” political sea,” and who cherish the memories and reflect on the successes that can be included with this adventure.