City of El Cerrito Ballot Measure

The City of El Cerrito sent out the following information to community leaders (many of our Club members have already have seen this) about the sales-tax measure for the City on the ballot in November:

The El Cerrito City Council placed a local funding measure on the November 2014 ballot to extend the existing voter-approved Measure R at the one cent rate for twelve years. If enacted, this continuation measure would generate additional locally-controlled funds for local projects and services, with money that could not be taken by the State.

Measure R was previously approved by local voters four years ago. Measure R is extended at the one cent rate, the City will be able to maintain current levels of public safety, including police services, neighborhood patrols, crime prevention programs, and rapid 9-1-1 response times, as well as after-school programs for children and teens and city parks, playfields, paths and open spaces.

The focus of the sales-tax extension is:

  • Maintaining current levels of firefighters, fire protection and emergency medical services
  • Maintaining rapid 9-1-1 response times, neighborhood police patrols, crime prevention and investigation
  • Maintaining earthquake and disaster preparedness programs
  • Maintaining after-school programs for children and teens
  • Maintaining and improving city parks, playfields, paths and open space

The Club will consider endorsing this measure on Aug 23.