We can make BART better, and I will work hard to make this happen. With over 25 years’ experience as a transportation professional and having served three years on the Moraga Planning Commission before serving eight years as a councilmember, including two years as mayor, I have the expertise and public policy leadership experience to be your BART Director.

BART is an essential system in need of reform in many areas. All BART employees are our assets and integral to the success of the entire system under strong leadership with a sound plan. My top priority is to make stations and trains safe and welcoming with adequate staffing and training to transform BART stations to be clean, service-oriented and vibrant. I will pursue full staffing of BART police, and then push for smart technology solutions solutions to force multiply their abilities on public safety effectiveness. For the few stations that are key opportunity hubs for “smart village” development, I will work with stakeholders to attract community investments to develop transit villages of the 21st century.

Reform requires new leadership characterized by common sense and shared vision. With your votes, we can begin the process of getting BART back on track.


As a legally blind, working mother, I depend on BART everyday to commute to work and pick up my two daughters. I understand the frustrations of working people, seniors, and people with disabilities who rely on BART, but who are stuck with a system that isn’t working despite constant promises to improve.

I have a plan to fix BART by making real investments in new train cars, technology that will allow more trips to be made during rush hour, a thorough cleaning up of stations, and fixing the dilapidated elevators and escalators at so many stations. I will also pursue an ambitious agenda to make BART world-class and ready for the future of the Bay Area, while managing public funds responsibly and openly.

As a candidate, I refuse to accept campaign contributions from private contractors, because I believe we need independent voices on the BART Board who can’t be bought by special interests.

For two decades, I’ve led organizations that serve the Bay Area’s working families and underprivileged communities. As Executive Director for the Center for Young Women’s Development, I became the youngest woman to receive the MacArthur “Genius” Award. I then led the creation of San Francisco’s first reentry division under District Attorney Kamala D. Harris. Today, I work at a nonprofit foundation making investments to support change in our communities.

Now I am ready to shake up the status quo at BART. I would be honored to have your support.


As your District 3 BART Director, I have worked tirelessly to move BART in a new direction. For the Bay Area to thrive, its public transportation systems need to be built for the realities of the 21st century. I have had three priorities during my first term: sustainability, accessibility, and equity.

My top priority has been keeping the BART system running reliably and sustainably. In the past four years, we more than doubled the percentage of the capital budget spent on system reinvestment, including new train cars, track repairs, and modernized, cleaner stations. I have worked on improving BART’s environmental sustainability through investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy. A priority for my second term is to adopt a goal and plan to reach 100% renewable energy.

I have focused on making BART more accessible to bus riders, bicyclists, and pedestrians. I’ve advocated for increased secure bike parking at stations and investments in pedestrian infrastructure. I co-chair the BART/AC Transit Interagency Liaison Committee, which is focused on making the systems work better for riders who use both BART and AC Transit. I have also supported making BART trains and stations accessible for all.

Finally, to address our affordability crisis, I’ve prioritized equity by mandating at least 20% affordable housing units at BART developments, and I will advocate for reduced fares for low income riders in my next term. These priorities will continue to move BART in the direction our region needs.

I’m proud to have been endorsed for re-election by the Sierra Club, AFSCME Local 3993 representing BART employees, East Bay Young Democrats, State Controller Betty Yee, former Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, El Cerrito Mayor Pro Tem Janet Abelson, El Cerrito City Councilmember Gabriel Quinto, and many other District 3 leaders. To learn more, please visit


I’m campaigning to build the world’s best transit system. I wish I didn’t have to run for this Director seat but no one else is proposing to radically improve BART.

The Bay Area has serious traffic problems that can be solved by making mass transit more convenient, comfortable and affordable for the majority of citizens. However, BART systemic problems including a centralized control system, expensive customized infrastructure, and its single carrier model make it impossible to adapt to today’s demands.

However, recent advances in self driving technology has handed BART a massive opportunity to solve its systemic problems. I’ve studied these advances and I know that it’s possible. This campaign is about introducing these solutions, building partnerships and creating a vision for BART in 20 years. I hope to earn your vote in the process.

I’ve worked in the water and engineering industries for 7 years and have analyzed transportation systems for just as long. I understand the costs of large construction projects, the engineering limits of technical systems and the political grit necessary to build successful projects. This type of experience is important to have on the BART board as it prepares to spend billions of dollars on renovations.


Since being elected in 2012, I’ve been the fiscal conscience on the BART Board by standing up for the public when other Directors wouldn’t. Among other examples, as unsanitary conditions and overcrowded trains have pulled BART customer satisfaction levels to an all-time low, I have advocated increasing investment in janitorial staffing and further investment in our new fleet to ease overcrowding. Others have favored expensive, nonessential projects over rider priorities.

I’ve also made significant progress on making a BART extension to Hercules a reality. Because of my leadership, this effort to reduce I-80 congestion is the farthest it’s been in 20+ years. Additionally, I’ve championed reexamining our fares to make them more equitable and authored our affordable housing policy that requires, at minimum, 20% affordable units in residential developments at our stations. In fact, within just the past two months, I have begun discussions with City of El Cerrito officials about redeveloping the El Cerrito Plaza BART Station area with the potential to include a new public library and a residential development that is inclusive of affordable housing.

BART faces many challenges. At such a critical time, BART needs leaders who possess an intricate understanding of them, professional knowledge, and the courage to stand up for the public. My four years as a BART Director have afforded me an in-depth understanding of BART’s challenges and what it takes to address them that a new Director would need an extensive amount of time to learn. I also possess a bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies from Stanford University and a Master of City/Transportation Planning degree from UC Berkeley, making me specially prepared to serve on a transit agency board. Based on my record and transportation planning background, I am the only candidate with the independence, qualifications, and experience for this position.