Occupation: Retired Bus Driver

My education and qualifications are: My educational background is I’ve attended 4 years of college at the College Of New Jersey at Trenton. I also hold a certificate of completion in labor studies from Laney College here in Oakland, CA. My qualifications for the board are as follows: Two years in the maintenance department at NJ Transit and 21 years of serving the bay area as a bus operator at the AC Transit District! I will take the 23 years of training, boardrooms,union meetings and my expertise to lift up the voices & questions that continue to go unheard even today. I work with many senior groups in the community and I will help them with keeping their independence by making sure the buses return to their neighborhood. AC Transit still faces FINANCIAL CHALLENGES after all these years!!

Resolving these issues will be my first priority. If you give me your vote, I will give you the very best of my abilities and a 110% commitment to meet the transportation needs of the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District. I humbly thank everyone who has previously endorsed and/or voted for me!


I have been riding AC Transit buses for almost 40 years. Twelve years ago I gave up my car and now go everywhere by transit. AC Transit is hiring more operators and mechanics to improve reliability. We need to add back more service. All of that takes money. I have helped get federal, state and local money. AC Transit spends your money wisely. We now buy buses in Hayward, engines in San Leandro and NextBus from Alameda. We have reduced management and pay our top management less than before. I took a 5% reduction in pay, get no pension and pay 10% toward my health care. I have always led in support for AC Transit’s hydrogen fuel cell bus program —the largest and most advanced in the country — grant funded so it does not impact service. I have supported better access for disabled persons and low fares for school children. My longstanding effort on mass transit issues and my years of hard work on AC Transit’s Board have led to endorsements from Congresswoman Barbara Lee, the Sierra Club, Senator Hancock, Assemblymembers Skinner and Wieckowski and many others. Further details and contact information:; (510) 326-6841; Thank you for your vote.