Action Item from Senior Strategist of State Party

Hello California Democrats —
We are working on a clearing house for key action items statewide.

In the meantime, here are two more action items to engage new volunteers:

First, here’s a link to a group who is doing events to defend the Affordable Care Act in Modesto, Vista, and Santa Ana. If you are in those cities or nearby, check out their event listings. This group is supported by many of our labor allies.

Second, if you aren’t in those areas, the Democrats in Wisconsin (the state of Governor Scott Walker) have asked us for help in the re-election campaign of their progressive State Superintendent, Tony Evers. (and, as always – If you have your own local races you are working on with online phonebanks, please send them to us to publicize to other parts of the state!)

Primary Election: Tuesday, February 21, 2017
General Election: Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Given the recent appointment of Betsy DeVos, this is an important front line for our education values.

He is a champion of public schools and staunch opponent of vouchers, which have drastically been expanded under Governor Scott Walker.
We have virtual phone bank links ready for volunteers to use:

Evers Virtual Phone Bank Instructions:
1) Click on one of the links below (in order to call into a corresponding Congressional District); you will be taken to a page that asks you to:
2) “Log in with ActionID”
3) Click on “Log In with ActionID Button”
You will then be taken to a page that asks you to either “Log In” or “Create ActionID”
4) Select “Create ActionID” tab; fill in the information the page asks for. (This is the information you will use to log into the phone bank and make calls.)
5) Now you’re ready to make calls! (You’ll be given a voter’s name and phone number, and a short script for you to use on calls.)

A link for each congressional district is below:
Congressional District 1:
Congressional District 2:
Congressional District 3:
Congressional District 4:
Congressional District 5:
Congressional District 6:
Congressional District 7:
Congressional District 8:

For questions, please contact

More about Tony Evers:
Facebook –
Website –

The system is VAN. This first link (below) provides step-by-step powerpoint directions for callers to set up an “Action ID” so they can begin making calls.
Directions for action ID:

This next link (below), gets you to the login site.
Log into VAN phonebank system:

More information on the candidate & the race can be found at this last link.
Richmond School Board Member Jeff Bourne announced his candidacy for the 71st House of Delegates seat vacated by Delegate Jennifer McClellan.

I would also suggest that you ask callers to keep track of how many calls they make, so you can give them public kudos at the next meeting. (Reminder: volunteers stay where they feel useful and appreciated!)

There is more coming very shortly!! There’s a lot to do, we’re just pulling things together to make it easier to send out.

Go Team California Democrats!

Shawnda Westly
Senior Strategist
California Democratic Party