Hi everyone,
Most of you know that I am a strong supporter of a new library in El Cerrito.  To achieve that goal, we need everyone’s help in the next 60 days to ensure that at least 67% of El Cerrito voters vote Yes on Measure B for the library in the November 8election.
The opposition to a new library seems to focus on cost.  They are concerned about the added cost of a parcel tax.  But they are ignoring two things:
1) libraries add value to our property and community; and
2) what we pay in property tax is more than made up by what we save by not having to buy books, records, DVDs, etc   (You can check out the American Library Association’s Library Value Calculator at    
The campaign website is coming soon. You can see us inside Facebook.  Once in Facebook, type Yes on El Cerrito Library 2016 to see !
Thank you!
Al Miller
Yes on B for the El Cerrito Library