Proposal to reject donations

Proposing Writing a Resolution for DNC not to Accept Money from Fossil Fuel Workers or Companies

Two months ago, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced a ban on receiving donations from the fossil fuel money PACs (Political Action Committees). Then recently, the DNC executive committee voted 30-2 to accept money from fossil industry workers, union PACs and employer PACs, and voted for language to support an “all of the above”  energy policy.

While workers should be encouraged to donate as individuals, this decision by the DNC is in direct conflict with all of our strategies for solutions to Climate Change. Neither the Democratic Party, nor any Democratic candidate, nor any elected official should accept any money from the fossil fuel industry. During the 8/28/18 meeting announcement period, we will briefly discuss this issue, and if there is support, we will draft a resolution expressing this viewpoint, for direct transmittal to the DNC.