Phone Bank for David Alvarez-Candidate for Mayor San Diego

Heading into this fall’s statewide elections, we have a crucial chance to show that our activists can help elect strong Democrats who fight for progressive values in California:

On February 11, voters in San Diego will elect a new mayor — and through hard work, resilience and a commitment to progressive Democratic values, Democrats are within a hair’s breadth of electing the first Latino Mayor of San Diego.

David Alvarez is currently a city council member, a first generation college graduate, and a lifelong Democrat who has been an environmental leader as a representative of his Barrio Logan district.

We can win this race, but turnout is expected to be low. That means even five calls can make a big difference.

Use our easy online call tool to make five calls to San Diego voters now.

Alvarez, the clear progressive choice, emerged from a hard-fought contested primary with a very low turnout of only 35 percent. But Democratic voters amounted to 51 percent of the primary electorate, and Republicans only 42 percent, so we know we can win.

He now stands against a Republican candidate who threatens to roll back recent Democratic gains in what was considered, until recently, a Republican stronghold.

And according to a local conservative newspaper, the race is now neck and neck.

That’s why San Diego Democrats are calling in for reinforcements, and Democrats throughout California are stepping up to help.

Making calls using our online tool is easy. Go to this website  to get started and make the crucial difference in this race today.

Somewhere in San Diego, there’s a Democrat sitting at home who may not even know about this election, but will turn out to vote if a fellow Democrat like you asks them to. You can be the difference.