Club Meeting (3/26): Gun Safety Legislation

A Discussion with

  • Sylvia Moir, El Cerrito Police Chief, and
  • Mark Chekal-Bain, District Director for Assemblymember Nancy Skinner.

The ECDC March meeting will focus on efforts in the California legislature to advance gun safety legislation. We’ll hear from two people who have been intimately involved in the push: Sylvia Moir, El Cerrito Police Chief, and Mark Chekal-Bain, District Director for Assemblymember Nancy Skinner. Chief Moir has been actively consulting on a series of bills in the California State Senate, with ten separate bills currently in committee review. Meanwhile, in the Assembly, our Assemblymember Nancy Skinner has a bill that would require additional reporting of large sales of ammunition. We’ll have the good fortune to have these front-line experts help us sort it all out.

Following the formal presentations and Q&A, we’ll consider endorsing the Contra Costa County Central Committee’s resolution on gun safety,and discuss whether we want to bring up specific legislation for endorsement at our April meeting.

Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, AD15
Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, AD15, has proposed AB 48, which we’ll discuss at the March meeting.

ECDC 2012 General Election Endorsements

At the August 25 Club meeting, the ECDC made the following endorsements for November 2012 elections:
WCCUSD 1: Todd Groves
WCCUSD 2: No Endorsemnt
KPPCSD 1: Pat Gillette
KPPCSD 2: Chuck Toombs
AC Transit at-large: Chris Peeples
AC Transit Ward 1: Yelda Bartlett
BART District 3: Rebecca Saltzman
BART District 7: No endorsement
ECDC primary election endorsements carry through to the general election when those candidates are on the November ballot. For 2012, these include:
President: Barack Obama
Senate: Dianne Feinstein
Congress: George Miller
CA Senate: Loni Hancock
Assembly: Nancy Skinner
ECDC endorsements are made according to the Club’s Standing Rules on Endorsements, and require an affirmative vote of 60% of the members present and voting at the endorsement meeting. Candidates endorsed by the Club may use the Club’s name as an endorser for that election, and any candidates endorsed in a primary election may carry the Club’s endorsement through to the general election if their name appears on the November ballot.