We’ll be combining the remainder of our member-approved topics into a water themed meeting. With all the questions about environmental issues and the recent drought, we must ask: where does our water come from? And where does the water go?

Luckily, two speakers at our next regularly scheduled meeting (November 28, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving) will help empower us with valuable water knowledge.  Paul Gilbert-Snyder, civil engineer with EBMUD, and Rex Delizo, general manager for Stege Sanitary District, will each present a 5-10 minute presentation (10-20 minutes total), followed by a Q&A session for our general members.
How will El Cerrito accommodate the new medium and high density housing units? Will our sewer rates go up? What’s all the noise about the Twin Tunnels project in the Delta? Did Stege’s governing board redivert public funds to fund extracurricular programs for private schools? Come with questions for our presenters!
This Nov. 28 meeting will be our last regularly scheduled meeting for the 2017 year. Our December meeting will be our traditional Dessert Potluck Holiday Party, set for Friday December 8. ECDC’s Immediate Past President, Hilary Crosby, and ECDC’s VP of Publications, Kip Crosby, are graciously opening up their home at 1001 Elm Court, El Cerrito, CA 94530. Festivities begin at 7PM, with our gracious hosts providing the mulled wine.
If there are other updates, I’ll be sure to update the meeting preview on our website. See you soon!