This year has seen a lot of excitement for the ECDC, and will see a lot more. Many of our members have already renewed for 2017. But it’s possible that you haven’t. If you want to vote for endorsements, you MUST join or rejoin by June first.

Renew your membership now, and make sure you don’t lose your voting privileges and newsletter subscription! Go to and click the green “Join Us” rectangle at the top right of the main screen. You’ll see the full schedule of membership fees, as well as the option of remitting by check or by PayPal, whichever is more convenient for you.

Our May 30th meeting will include a “meet and greet” with local elected officials, a presentation on current efforts toward single-payer health care, and a recap of the (now imminent) California Democratic Party state convention in Sacramento. Renew your membership and be there! And, of course, thank you.