On June 15, 2016, the West Contra Costa Unified School District (“WCCUSD” or “District”) will vote on the next steps of the District’s Master Facilities Plan: the Implementation Plan.  This Implementation Plan will accommodate the many different facility priorities that neighborhood schools face in light of declining bond dollars.
First, Fairmont Elementary school – an oversubscribed school that suffers from severe overcrowding issues – was originally slated for a relocation into the former Korematsu Middle School temporary campus (“Phase 1”) and a demolition of the original facility (“Phase 2”). However, without a definitive rebuild date, Fairmont Elementary Parents opposed the move.
Instead of moving forward with the Fairmont rebuild, the school district has proposed spending bond dollars on the current dilapidated site. Now, Fairmont will receive a “critical needs assessment” to attend to critical repairs. The exact scope of this “critical needs assessment” will be determined at the June 15 board meeting.
Secondly, Cameron School – an Early Intervention School for pre-K children with special needs – will no longer be relocated to North Campus in San Pablo. Before, Darden Architects proposed moving the site so that Cameron School could be rebuilt. However,  the school board expressed doubts about this proposal. Now, the school board will consider various options for Cameron.
Do you want to influence the District’s Master Facilities Plan? Make your voice heard by attending the Facilities Subcommittee meetings or attend a school board meeting. Simply log onto for more information.