March Meeting Recap

Our March meeting of the El Cerrito Democratic Club was very well attended.  We had visitors and members representing many different areas of the West Contra Costa County Unified School District.

Superintendent Dr. Bruce Harter and School Board Member Todd Groves each gave presentations about the school district, including enrollment numbers, past, current and projected. They spoke about the updating to facilities that has been made possible through bonds voted by the public; the long -range facilities master plan, educational goals and accomplishments, and some of the programs in place now that are making a difference for the students.  Dr. Harter also discussed the State’s mandates regarding satellite schools and the school district’s requirement to provide facilities.

Afterwards, the floor was opened for a question and answer session, with our VP Treasurer, Greg Lyman aptly fielding and presenting questions from the audience.  Thank you to Superintendent Dr. Bruce Harter and Board Member Todd Groves for your time, Greg Lyman for gracefully handling the question and answer, and to our astute audience of members and visitors for your thoughtful questions.