Letters to the Editor

By Marilyne Mellander

After retirement I became interested in politics and was elected to the El Sobrante Municipal Advisory Council in 2000 serving for 4 years.

I believe the only way DMC can survive is to incorporate it into the County hospital system.
If elected I will work to make this happen.

Candidate Statement for Marilynne L. Mellander, Candidate for Director West Contra Costa Healthcare District:
I’ve owned a home in El Sobrante since 1978.  My property taxes have more than quadrupled since that time.

West Contra Costa Healthcare District (District) formed in 1954 to serve insured community residents.  Doctors Medical Center (DMC) serves indigent and uninsured patients.   However, District taxpayers have continued to fund what now operates as a County hospital.  In spite of calls by property owners, the nurses union, and now the Richmond City council to have the County absorb this hospital, Dist. 1 Supervisor Gioia insists this is not financially feasible.

Regardless of what happens to DMC, District taxpayers will be saddled with debt for decades to come. The County has made three transfers of District taxpayer ad valorem taxes totaling $42.8 million without a public vote.

Financial information is hard to come by but I found that:
·        Our 2011 property tax was sold to investors in the form of Certificates of Participation to pay back the County
·        Gemino Healthcare Financing receives over $50,000/month interest on a $7,400,000 loan; DMC administration gave them a lien on the hospital property to prevent foreclosure
·        Hospital CEO Dawn Gideo receives $40,000/month salary
·        A “stakeholder group” now meets in private to decide the fate of DMC

There has never been citizen oversight on this District in spite of 2011 parcel tax ballot language.  I believe citizen taxpayers are important “stakeholders” in all discussions to determine the future of DMC.  If elected, I intend to represent the interests of District taxpayers.


Note from the EditorThe other three candidates running for the West Contra Costa Healthcare District were contacted and invited to submit articles to the newlsetter. The ECDC did not endorese anyone in this race.


By Mister Phillips  


Mister Phillips for School Board Campaign Fundraiser

We are off to a great start in the school board race. We have a strong message, real experience, good name recognition, and key endorsements. But we need your support. We are having a campaign fundraiser on Thursday, September 18, 2014, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, at Restaurante La Revolucion, 3190 Klose Way, Richmond, CA. The suggested contribution is $50.00 or more. RSVP at www.misterphillips.com or call (925) 470-5426. The host committee for the fundraiser is San Pablo Councilmember Genoveva Calloway, West Contra Costa Unified School District Trustee Randy Enos, Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia, Kensington Police Protection and Community Services District Director Tony Lloyd, and Contra Costa Community College District Trustee John Marquez. Thank you for your support.


Note from the Editor. The ECDC did not endorese anyone in this race.


Correction to June newsletter from Ed Matney:

The June 2014 newsletter reported the primary election results for the AD 15 race. The results printed in the newsletter relfected Contra Costa County only and the actual results were Elizabeth Echols 31.2% and Tony Thurmond 24.4%.