Letter Writing Campaign – We Need You

by Scott Kagawa

Are you passionate about our community? Do you read the newspaper and skip right to the letters to the editor?

Then we need your help!

The ECDC is kicking off its first ever letter-to-the-editor campaign. Letters to the editor are a short (175 words) and powerful way to show support for important causes and help spread the word that the ECDC is doing great things.

To kick things off, we are looking for a few volunteers to write letters this month on either our 2015 Club priorities such as the Citizens United resolution or whatever topic you are most passionate about. Don’t feel nervous if you’ve never done it before, you have a wonderful group of supportive members ready and willing to help with the process.

Our initial goal is to get at least one letter from a member published in a local paper each month. The more people that participate the more successful we will be. If you are interested or have questions, please send an email toECDemsMedia@gmail.com or talk to Scott Kagawa at the next meeting and we can work out the details.