Jobs & Economy Resolution Approved and Issued

The following resolution was approved at the February 27, 2018, membership meeting:

“A Pro-Employment & Pro-Environment Industrial Policy

WHEREAS, Republican strategies on jobs and economy aiming at tax cuts, trade agreement changes, and reduced regulations will fail to create the claimed number of jobs, although they claim to be the party of jobs, business and economic development.

WHEREAS, the Democratic Party needs to strengthen its rhetoric in this area by proposing a bold and courageous plan of its own, so that it can regain advantage by claiming to be THE party that knows better how to create sustainable and manufacturing jobs.

WHEREAS, in the last election, the Democratic Party lost many working class voters that had traditionally voted for the Democratic Party, and we face the need to win these voters back, besides motivating new and young voters to vote with us on candidates and issues

BE IT RESOLVED, that we propose a four-point strategy on jobs and economy that will pose a strong counter point to the proposals so far trotted out by the Republican Party, namely

  1. Encourage pro-employment tax reform that will allow depreciation of Human Capital like training and other forms of education.
  2. Encourage a pro-employment re-industrialization policy that systematically creates new industries and businesses that favor greater employment per unit of finance, supporting the process all the way from R&D to production, and from financing to marketing.
  3. To help depressed communities, favor local production for local use, that would encourage R&D and the development of industries that develop capital equipment for the processing of agricultural, forestry and fishery products – food and non-food, from a wide variety of local sources.
  4. Favor the Transforming of All Activities – Making them Sustainable, Pro-Environment & Climate Friendly: By transforming activities leading to Sustainable Energy, eco-Cities and Townships, Sustainable Industry (using clean energy and recycling all products), sustainable Transportation (low carbon, low noise and low pollution), sustainable Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we recommend the Democratic Party adopt this as a Resolution at higher levels of the Party and that all candidates, local, state or national, be encouraged to adopt such jobs and economy rhetoric as part of their election campaigns to counteract the strategies on this front by the Republicans, and in their subsequent work if elected.”

Contact: Hari Lamba, member El Cerrito Democratic Club,