January Meeting Recap

Missed the last Club meeting? Don’t worry, Hilary Crosby provides an overview of the meeting and Club actions in the January meeting recap article. 

The ECDC members got off to a rousing start listening to President Obama’s State of the Union speech while we munched on our pizza and cookies.  Thanks to Ex. Vice President Greg Lyman for providing the radio.

 We had some announcements- Betty Brown passed around a list to sign up for getting a parallel measure onto the ballot if Senate Bill 52, the California Disclose Act which would require the names of funders to be prominently displayed on all political ads.  Immediate past President Hilary Crosby encouraged everyone to get on line at www.cadem.org to start phoning for David Alvarez, the Democratic candidate for Mayor of San Diego who is in a very close race.

Al Miller announced that there will be 4-5 “Coffee with the Cops” meetings on February 9, 11, and 22.  And that the New Priorities Project is going to be leafleting at the BART stations.  Get in touch with him to sign up to cover the El Cerrito Plaza and Del Norte stations. Charles Davidson from Hercules Democratic Club read a resolution (see page 2) which we will vote on at our February 22, 2014.

 For the main part of our meeting, we passed unanimously our budget (see the revised budget online), elected our new slate of officers unanimously-Carla Hansen is the new President, Mister Phillips is the new VP of Membership and Scott Lyons is the new VP of Media. The Club then reviewed our 2013 programs and discussed our calendar of activities for 2014.

 2014 is an election year, so many of our meetings will be focused on candidates and propositions so our members can decide on our endorsements. 

 As our final act, we canceled the Feb. 25. The Feb. 22 endorsement meeting will take its place.