Do YOU want to be a delegate to the caucus which endorses in the 15th Assembly District race? This caucus will be held in early January, 2018; absentee voting will be permitted.

With this article we are asking YOU to consider being a delegate to the endorsing caucus, and providing you with instructions on how to vote on the selecthelpion of our delegates.

We had originally planned to elect our endorsing delegates at our September, 2017 meeting, but decided to postpone that vote to our November meeting since our September agenda was very full. We have just learned that we must provide the names of our delegates to our regional director by November 2, several weeks before our meeting date.

Our executive board has arrived at the following solution to this time conflict: We will have ballots for these positions available at our annual dinner. However, you do not have to attend the dinner to vote.

ECDC members who are attending the dinner will receive their ballots with their name tags; ECDC members who are not attending the dinner may pick up a ballot at the dinner check-in at the Arlington Community Church in Kensington anytime between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm. All ballots must be turned in by 7:30 pm.

Please email our club President, Peter Chau, at, with the subject line: I want to run. Please include a candidate statement of up to 50 words in the body of your email.

Remember, this is an open vote; your ballot will be read aloud at the endorsing caucus, and all attendees and candidates will know how you voted.

Our members will be interested to know which candidates you will be supporting, or if you are considering voting No Endorsement.” If you want to be a voting delegate and have not decided who to support, you should include some information about the criteria you will be using to decide which candidate you will vote to endorse. This position is not for those who consider their vote to be personal and private.

The ballots will include your name and your candidate statement. Members will be permitted to vote for up to 7 delegates. Ballots with more than 7 votes will not be counted. The 7 highest vote getters will be our representatives; we will notify the 8th and 9th highest vote getters than they will be listed as alternates for any of the first 7 who are found to be ineligible due to voter registration or residency problems.

For more background on the CDP endorsement process and the background on the ECDC decision to elect our voting delegates, please see the article which was published on the Club’s website on August 17.

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