From EAST BAY PEACE ACTION: 2021 Annual Gathering: Racism and Militarism – An honest conversation on the intersection of racism and militarism

Join us online Oct. 17, 2021 at 2 p.m. for a presentation by Brittany Ramos DeBarros, who will share her unique insight into the connection between racism and militarism at this year’s Annual Gathering. The Afro-Latina Afghanistan War vet, activist, and former organizing director of About Face: Veterans Against the War will be our keynote speaker.

Brittany joined the military to pay for college and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 believing the United States government was interested in helping the Afghani people. But she came home hurt, angry and feeling betrayed by a system that covered up greed and corruption with the veneer of freedom. When Brittany spoke out against the war, she was threatened with court martial.

Brittany describes coming fromm a conservative, patriotic, military family, but she adds “being bi-racial, I could see that the America my white family lived in was different from what my Black and Puerto Rican family experienced.”

Members of the Staten Island community asked her to run for Congress and she has taken on the challenge. Join us to learn more about racism and our militaristic society and about this champion for peace.

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