Please mark your calendar and attend our normal fourth Tuesday membership meeting. I will be formally inviting both campaigns for Chair of the California Democratic Party to ECDC so that ECDC members can hear each campaign’s vision for the future of our party. ECDC members will also have the opportunity to vote on an ECDC endorsement for either Eric Bauman or Kimberly Ellis.

This blog post is intended to satisfy our club’s 10-day notice requirement in our standing rules for endorsement. However, I am posting this notice well in advance so that 1) new members can join before the 45-day window closes, and 2) previous ECDC members who are *not* in good standing can pay their annual membership dues before the endorsement meeting to vote.
The candidate forum may include other local Democratic Clubs. For now, the candidate forum will be held at our normal time and location (April 25, 2017 @ 6:30PM, Zion Presbyterian Church, 545 Ashbury Avenue in El Cerrito). If more people come than our meeting space can handle, I will look into other locations to accommodate larger crowds. I will publish any changes to the meeting place in advance.
What will a candidate do to promote progressive values? What can Democrats do to press on in 2018 and beyond? What – if any – measures should be implemented to address Democratic disinfranchisement?  Start thinking of your own questions and come ready to ask on April 25!