ECDC Walk Maps

ECDC is well known for precinct walking during each general election. We have broken El Cerrito and Kensington into about 150 walks, with each lasting approximately 1 hour.

We are using the old precinct numbers for walking, and these numbers and boundaries may not match the current precincts. In El Cerrito, the precincts are numbered from 1 (north of Barrett) to 22 (south of Fairmount, with 23 located at the top of Moeser Lane). Kensington precinct numbers 1 and 2 and 3 are above Sunset View Cemetery. Precincts 4 through 8 rise from the roundabout (precinct 4) to the Tilden Park boundary (precinct 8).

Each precinct is broken into several walks. The individual walk maps and address lists are included in the bundles of materials used for each walk.

For reference, we have included color-coded maps of the actual precincts (not the individual walks) below. Click on each image for a larger view.

KN 1 through 3
KN 3 through 7
EC 1 through 4
EC 6 through 10
EC 10 through 13
EC 13 through 15
EC 16 through 20
EC 21 through 23