ECDC Representative for Central Committee

We will be postponing the appointment of an ECDC Representative on the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County (“Central Committee”) for a future general ECDC meeting. The Central Committee must draft and propose a by-law change to accommodate a representative from each local Democratic club. This requires a proper notice and reading of the by-laws and may take awhile.

There still appeared to be some confusion about the role of the ECDC representative to the Central Committee. If the Central Committee follows through with the by-law changes, ECDC will be given the opportunity to send someone to represent the ECDC at Central Committee meetings. Depending on the the by-law changes, the ECDC representative will be able to weigh in on various discussions and votes, such as: who to endorse for races; setting Central Committee priorities; and how to target voter registration and Get Out the Vote efforts in 2018.

The time commitments depends on your desire to commit. Hard working, eager volunteers are welcomed to this all-volunteer group.
the future ECDC rep may have a specific interest s/he wishes to fulfill. For instance, political candidates seeking the endorsement of the Democratic Party must interview with the Endorsement Committee, which met every week for several months straight. Members of the Endorsement Committee contributed to the recommendation put in front of the full voting members of the Central Committee.

At a minimum, the future ECDC representative must attend the Central Committee meetings every third Thursday of the month in the evening (usually 6:30PM, currently held at JFK University in Pleasant Hill). The future ECDC representative should also be a regular attendee of ECDC general meetings to report out Central Committee updates.