ECDC 2012 Ballot Measures

At the July 24 Club meeting, the ECDC made the following endorsements on state ballot measures for the November 2012 election:
Prop 30: YES
Prop 31: NO
Prop 32: NO
Prop 33: NO
Prop 34: YES
Prop 35: YES
Prop 36: YES
Prop 37: Neutral
Prop 38: Neutral
Prop 39: YES
Prop 40: YES
ECDC endorsements are made according to the Club’s Standing Rules on Endorsements, and require an affirmative vote of 60% of the members present and voting at the endorsement meeting. Candidates endorsed by the Club may use the Club’s name as an endorser for that election, and any candidates endorsed in a primary election may carry the Club’s endorsement through to the general election if their name appears on the November ballot.