Congratulations to ECDC Endorsed Candidates! (April 25 Meeting Recap)

We had a lively endorsement forum and general meeting Tuesday night. On behalf of the ECDC, I thank our guests who came to our forum!. Each speaker spoke eloquently and with distinction, including:
-Sandra Lowe (proxy for the Eric Bauman for California Democratic Party Chair)
-Hilary Crosby (proxy for Kimberly Ellis for California Democratic Party Chair)
-Rocky Fernandez (Candidate for California Democratic Party Region V Director)


The El Cerrito Democratic Club formally endorsed Kimberly Ellis for California Democratic Party Chair. 32 total ballots were cast. 27 of those ballots voted for Kimberly, 4 for Eric, and 1 for “no endorsement.” This was after a vigorous back-and-forth between the campaigns with questions submitted by the proxies and ECDC members.


ECDC also endorsed Rocky Fernandez for California Democratic Party Region V Director. Of the 32 total ballots cast, 30 voted to endorse Rocky and 2 voted for “no endorsement.”


Special thanks to our co-sponsors, the West County Democrats. I look forward to rewarding partnerships with WCDC and other Democratic clubs in the future.


For the remainder of the meeting, the ECDC:
-approved a resolution supporting West Contra Costa United School District’s Adult Education Program that was submitted by an ECDC member for consideration;
-rescheduled the May 23 meeting to May 30; and
-permitted starting our September 2017 “State of El Cerrito Schools” meeting at 6:00PM, if our guest speaker wishes to start earlier.


Disclaimer: this post may be posted during business hours by the ECDC webmaster (not me). However, I wrote and submitted this entry to our  webmaster during non-company hours during my personal time. 


In the spirit of service,