Nine candidate statements were submitted for the forthcoming election in Assembly District 15. These are the statements, in alphabetical order by last name and in PDF format; click on the links to open the statements:

Judy Appel
Ben Bartlett
Jovanka Beckles
Dan Kalb
Andy Katz
Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto
Owen Poindexter
Cheryl Sudduth
Buffy Wicks

These are the essay questions that were included with the questionnaire, together with the answers of all candidates:

Essay Questions

These candidates will speak at our forthcoming endorsement meeting, to be held in the cafeteria of Harding Elementary School on Tuesday, February 27, 2018. Check-in will be at 6 PM and call to order will be at 6:30. We urge all Club members to read these statements carefully before that time, then to attend the meeting so that your vote can be counted. See you there!