Assembly District 15 Candidate Race In Full Swing!

The California Democratic Party’s African-American Caucus – co-sponsored by ECDC – hosted a candidate forum on Saturday, November 4. Below is the list of questions asked:

1) Should the Air Quality Management District have the authority to cap emissions?
2) Do you support the repeal of the Costa-Hawkins Act?
3) Do you support race-based Affirmative Action?
4) Do you support spending $20k in per-pupil funding (for public schools) by the year 2020?
5) The farmworkers were required to pick grapes during the Napa wildfires. What would you do to ease the burden on farmworkers (moderator changed the italicized words to “increase the protections of farmworkers”)?
6) How will you increase housing for low-to-moderate income families in AD 15?
7) What are your top three criminal justice reforms?
8) What would you do to bring a full service hospital to West County?
9) What would you do to prevent sexual harassment in Sacramento?

(Lightning Round)

1) Should private companies be allowed to use prison labor?
2) Should CA ban fracking?
3) Do you support SB 562, the Healthy Californians Act (single payer health care bill)?

(Not lighting round)
1) Johannes Mehserle (BART police officer) killed Oscar Grant (African-American Oakland resident) in the Bay Area. What would you do to end extrajudicial killing by police officers?
2) How would you change the authorization process for charter schools?

Wondering about the candidates’ answers to these questions? Then come to the ECDC AD 15 candidate forum on February 27! Save the date!

Results of the October 28 Delegate Election

Everyone: thanks again for pulling together for the Annual Dinner. Here are the results of the delegate election:

To meet the majority vote threshold, 19 “Yes” votes needed to be cast for each successful candidate delegate. Congratulations to Tom Cesa (30 “Yes” votes) and Paul Fadelli (19 “Yes” votes), who will be delegates to the early endorsement caucus. Special shout-out to the remaining delegate candidates, Marlene Keller and Mollie Hazen, for volunteering as candidates.

For the five remaining slots, the E-Board has appointed the following delegates to represent ECDC:
Bob MacDonald
Ruby MacDonald
Dwight Merrill
Gloria Merrill
Sojeila Silva

Special thanks to Hilary Crosby for taking extra time to recruit volunteers for these important positions.


For those who haven’t heard, there’s specific issues that distinguish the CA gubanatorial candidates from each other. Here is an article regarding a recent debate. Come prepared tomorrow with questions for Delaine Eastin at ECDC’s Annual Dinner! See you there!
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