Our first order of business was to vote for our endorsements for Senate District 9 and the Contra Costa County Democratic Party Central Committee (CCCDPCC).  Our treasurer, Greg Lyman, took advantage of the large number of members who came to vote to verify as many phone numbers, snail and email addresses as possible. Each member receiving a ballot initialed the membership list to assure that only fully eligible members received ballots.

Nancy Skinner and Gabriel Quinto were the only two candidates to receive over 60% of the votes; they received our endorsement for Senate District 9 and CCCDPCC respectively.  

Full results were as follows:

59 ballots
59 votes in SD9:
Nancy Skinner 37
Sandre Swanson 19
Katherine Welch 3

233 votes in Central Committee:
Maria Alegria 29
Nicholas Arzio 30
Genoveva Calloway 25
Michael Nye 22
Mister Phillips 33
Gabriel Quinto 38
Harpreet Sandhu 29
Joey Smith 27

36 votes were required to have 60% of the vote. DC members Nicholas Arzio and Russell Skeahan challenged the outcome; the results were verified by an independent party on Saturday, April 30.  See CHALLENGE TO APRIL 26 ENDORSEMENT MEETING BALLOTING.

Hilary Crosby
ECDC President