Action Requested: Changes to Bylaws and Standing Rules

At the November 24th member meeting the membership will consider changes to the bylaws and Endorsement Standing Rules.

The Executive Board recommends changes to the Bylaws and Endorsement Standing Rules to clarify current dues renewal processes, improve officer definitions, redefine when members need to join for election year endorsements, define literature the club will carry and how delegates are selected. The documents can be reviewed at the ECDC website and limited hardcopies will be available at the November 24th meeting.

Specific bylaw changes proposed include:

Adding a sentence about member renewal upon payment (Section III) and adding sentences regarding timing of annual dues (Section IV).

Adding a subsection that only paid members can vote (Section V.E.1)

Section VII Officers was revised to clarify term of office (Section VII.A), election processes (Section VII.B, VII.C, VII.D and VII.F) and changes to duties (Section VII.E).

Section VIII Executive Board was revised to provide more structure and clarify how the Executive Board acts (Section VIII.C)

A sentence that was inconsistent with the Endorsement Standing Rules was eliminated (Section IX).

Two sub-sections regarding the use of the ECDC identity were added (Section X).

Specific Endorsement Standing Rule changes proposed include:

Elimination of the term “Self-Identified Democrat” (former Section A.3, Section B.1, Section B.2, Section B.3 and Section B.4)

Increasing the time on the ECDC membership role from 30-days to 45-days and addingthat members must be in good standing by June 1st to participate in endorsements (new Section A.3).

Clarification language on invitations to candidates in Section B.2, Type of Forum.

Addition of Section E, Distribution of Endorsed Candidate and Ballot Measure Literature.

Addition of Section F, Selection of California Democratic Party Delegates.

See full text of changes in the links below:

By Laws Proposed Changes

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