Dear Friend,

As many of you may have heard, last summer I was diagnosed with a cancer called Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).  I feel fortunate for my positive response to treatment, and I now join the approximately 1.2 million Americans living long, full lives despite managing blood cancer. 

At the time I received my diagnosis, I was told CLL would not impact my work.  I am proud that during treatment, I held 14 town halls, met with thousand of constituents, flew over 170,000 miles and maintained a 99.1% voting record.

I am sharing my story to add to the chorus of people fighting to overcome cancer.  It is for this reason that I reached out to our local newspaper and spoke with Dan Borenstein.  I was touched that Dan also shared his personal experience in the East Bay Times for May 5.

Since the story ran, the outpouring of support has been humbling, and I am extremely grateful for all the expressions of encouragement. My goal is to do everything possible to fund cancer research, improve doctor patient communication, and ensure life saving cancer drugs are available to all who need them.  

Thank you for continued support,


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