The Sequester Hits Home for West Contra Costa County Seniors

By Carla Hansen

Information in this article comes from article written by Laura Anthony for ABC News, provided by Gabe Quinto.

Nine percent of the federal discretionary non-defense budget has been hacked away by sequestration cuts and the largest effect the public has heard about is longer lines and delays at airports! Although slow in implementation, these cuts are now effecting more than travelers. According to ABC News, Contra Costa County residents depending on Meals on Wheels for daily sustenance will see a decline in services provided due to these sequestration cuts.

The Federal government provides $500,000 per year to Meals on Wheels in Contra Costa County. The “sequester” cut this appropriation by 20%! This amounts to about 200 less meals per day provided throughout the County.

This leaves elderly and disabled folks who rely on Meals on Wheels for their daily hot meals and, in some cases, their only daily contact, left to spend additional money to have groceries delivered or go without food and contact.

Meals on Wheels hopes to make up this 20% budget cut with private donations. Donations can be sent to Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa, PO Box 3195, Martinez, CA 94553 or made via their website at

Much like the CDP DEM2014 program, you can set up a recurring monthly contribution ($10.00 minimum) at their web site. You can also arrange to donate a car there!