Review of Members Meeting – February 27, 2018

Meeting Announcements

Hilary Crosby voted President of the California Democratic Council (CDC)!

Hilary Crosby won the vote for President.  She and her slate of 14 candidates will be revitalizing the CDC in the year to come.

A brief history on the CDC is that it is an umbrella organization to provide training and support for local clubs.  With that in mind, our own fellow member’s slate has been voted in to lead the club.

Notes on the California Democratic convention in San Diego, Feb 23-25, 2018

The CDP convention endorsed the following candidates:

  • Betty Yee – State Controller
  • Ricardo Lara – Insurance Commissioner
  • Alex Padilla – Secretary of State
  • Tony Thurmond – Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Fiona Ma – State Treasurer

Surprisingly, the CDP did not reach a consensus on endorsements for the following open offices:

  • US Senate
  • State Governor
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • Attorney General
  • All Board of Equalization districts

Additional endorsements were posted.

Note that candidate David Min did receive over 60% of vote for US House Representative District 45, yet an objection has been filed.

The El Cerrito Democratic Club Honored

ECDC has been honored and recognized by the CDP as a long-standing club with strong membership and activities for democratic values.  The club was awarded the Region 5 for all the good work of the club.  It is for who we are as a club and the Region wanted to recognize us

Meeting Business

Jobs and Economy Proposal by Hari Lamba

Hari Lamba’s resolution to improve the economy was unanimously approved by the club members present.  In addition, Hari was advised to submit the resolution to the national convention.

2018 Assembly Endorsements

The fifty voting members of the ECDC did not reach a majority endorsement for the California State Assembly District.  The vote count was as follows:

  1. Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto -22
  2. Judy Appel -9
  3. Buffy Wicks – 8
  4. Jovanka Beckles – 3
  5. Dan Kalb – 4
  6. Ben Bartlett – 2
  7. Cheryl Sudduth – 1
  8. Owen Poindexter -1

The club can further discuss this endorsement at the March 27th meeting.

Candidate Presentations – California State Assembly District 15

During Candidate presentations, President Abelson did not participate throughout the Candidate Forum section and she moved to the back of the room.

Below are brief key words mentioned by each of the candidates as recalled by this volunteer.  All candidates present professed to have progressive values but they were asked to identify what makes them different from the other candidates.

Judy Appel

  • Pro cannabis reform
  • Pro labor and for job creation
  • Pro union
  • Will request Education, budget committees
  • Raised $163k, 3% from West Contra Costa County (WCC), 0 PAC, $500 from Scott Weiner, Linda Mays, Loni Hancock, 9 are maxed out

 Ben Bartlett

  • Wife Yelda Bartlett represented Ben
  • Current Berkeley City Council
  • Pro Health innovation zone
  • Pro homeless housing model
  • Will request Housing and Banking committees
  • Raised $106k, 3% from West Contra Costa County (WCC), NAACP and black caucus PA

 Jovanka Beckles

  • The “wrap around candidate – join the revolution”
  • Current Richmond City Council member
  • Pro rent control
  • Pro sanctuary city
  • Pro health care
  • Pro changing current justice system
  • Will request Crime and Appropriations committees
  • Raised $82k, 0% from West Contra Costa County (WCC), <5 local max outs, 0 PAC.

 Dan Kalb

  • Current Oakland City Council
  • Served with the Union of Concerned Scientists on Climate change and energy issues
  • Pro clean energy
  • Pro housing
  • Pro police reform
  • Fought against the coal terminal
  • Created civilian oversight committee
  • Member of Air pollution science club
  • Pro SB100
  • Pro clean up
  • Pro increasing California solar energy
  • Will request Budget, Environment, transportation, and housing committees
  • Just started accepting funds: Raised $156k, <2% from West Contra Costa County (WCC), 0 PAC., supported by Jarred Hoffman, six maxed out

 Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto

  • Current El Cerrito City Council member
  • Pro single payer health care
  • Opposed west county jail expansion
  • Pro affordable housing
  • Removed ban on cannabis
  • Will champion SB 52
  • Endorsed by Black Caucus
  • Raised $100k, 20% from West Contra Costa County (WCC), working on nursing and recycling PAC funding.

Owen Poindexter

  • Pro basic income
  • Pro racial justice
  • Just started accepting funds: Raised $20k, 0 PAC, no max outs, not accepting donations of over $2,200 per individual (half the current legal max)

Cheryl Sudduth

  • Pro changing current justice system
  • Pro youth
  • Pro woman and children
  • Pro SB10
  • Will request Budget and Appropriations committees
  • Just started accepting funds: Raised $3.5k, 85% from West Contra Costa County (WCC), <$50 per donation, 0 PAC

Buffy Wicks

  • Past activities: Anti-war organizer, health care organizer
  • Worked on Obama ACA legislation
  • Pro Proposition 13 reform for closing business loopholes
  • Will request Budget, transportation, education committees
  • Raised $528k, 0% from West Contra Costa County (WCC), $15k from labor PAC, no independents

*  Question on funds raised was based as of the January 2018 report prior to December, 2017.

Meeting adjourned around 9pm