Recap of December 11, 2018 ECDC Club Meeting

Submitted by Dwight Merrill.

The El Cerrito Democratic Club met at Janet Abelson’s house at 7 Pomona Avenue in El Cerrito for a brief business meeting at 8 PM.

  1. Those members present at the meeting included the following: Don Queen, Cheryl Sudduth, Kathy Fleming, Rochelle Pardue Okimoto, Al Miller, Greg Lyman, Gloria Merrill, Ruby MacDonald, Bob MacDonald, Hari Lamba, Janet Abelson, Harpreet Sandhu, Pat Durham and Dwight Merrill.
  2. It was moved by Sudduth and seconded by Dwight Merrill that Rochelle Pardue Okimoto be appointed to be ECDC representative to the DPCCC. The motion passed unanimously. The alternate position was up in the air; neither candidate was present.
    Champagne was nominated and if she can serve she may; otherwise the club will find someone else.
  3. It was announced that the 15th Assembly District caucus elections will be held in mid-January. Champagne Brown, Hari Lamba, Joey Smith and Harpreet Sandhu are running. It was moved by Lamba and seconded by Miller that they be endorsed. The motion passed unanimously.
  4. The meeting was adjourned by club president Janet Abelson at 8:24 PM.

December 11 Holiday Party Includes Club Business

At the November 27 Club Meeting, members decided to conduct business at the December 11 Holiday Party. Two items will be considered.

  1. The club will take action to elect our representation to the Contra Costa Central Committee. We have two individuals interested in representing the club as Representative and Alternate. If others are interested in these two positions, they should let the club President Janet Abelson know ( and attend the Holiday Party. Business will start around 7:30PM.
  2. The club will take action on endorsement of California Democratic Assembly District Delegates (ADEM). These positions are elected in January 2019 to represent us at the State Democratic Party conventions and executive board meetings. Seven (7) women and seven (7) men are elected. People interested in getting the ECDC endorsement should arrive at the Holiday Party ready to canvass the room for endorsement votes.

See you at the Holiday Party, Tuesday December 11 from 7Pm to 9PM at 7 Pomona Ave.

ECDC Holiday Party – Dec 11

ECDC Annual Holiday Dessert Party on Tuesday,

December 11, 2018

The Club has an informal gathering in December to mingle and chat among the club members.  This event includes desserts, snacks and beverages brought by guests.  Please join us at 7 Pomona Ave in El Cerrito starting at 7PM.  Cheers!