Minor Setback for a Safe Modern Library

On March 9th, in closed session, the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) Board instructed their staff to inform the City of El Cerrito that the WCCUSD has higher needs for the western portion of the temporary Korematsu middle school campus.  This is the area that Hilltop Elementary school and Korematsu Middle School used during construction of their permanent campuses.  WCCUSD says they need the entire area for the temporary Fairmont Elementary School and a possible new permanent elementary school.   Fairmont, one of 21 schools vying for reconstruction, is the last major WCCUSD campus in El Cerrito to be rebuilt.  City Council supports rebuilding Fairmont Elementary in the fastest timeframe possible and encourages the WCCUSD to rank Fairmont high and needing immediate reconstruction as a result of over crowding (140% enrollment) and the special needs student inclusion program.  A safe modern library remains the highest priority for City staff and this decision is only a minor set back.  The City is continues to consider the WCCUSD Moeser Lane site along with the Contra Costa Civic Theater site, San Pablo Avenue sites and rebuilding at the existing Stockton Avenue site.  More information to follow this summer.

Greg Lyman