February Meeting Recap

by Carla Hansen

The February meeting was dedicated to Club business. Club members prioritized ECDC-led initiatives and finalized the 2015 Calendar.

Here are the top four initiatives Club members want to work on this year. Each initiative will have a Committee of Club members and Executive Board members to help drive and achieve the objective. We need volunteers for each initiative. If you’re interested in joining one (or more), please contact Club President Carla Hansen at ecdc.pres@gmail.com.

  1. Encourage City Council of El Cerrito to pass Citizen’s United resolution (see page 3) supported by the Club;
    • Requires Club members to show up at City Council meetings to speak at public comment or write letters to Council members to support the resolution.
  2. 2. Draft and support a Living Wage Ordinance for the City of El Cerrito.
    • Requires research of other Cities and stakeholder/community outreach campaign
  3.  Increase voting access and clean-up voter rolls.
    • Requires coordination with the Central Committee and League of Women Voters and direct voter outreach.
  4. Advocate for increased homeless services in the City of El Cerrito.
    • Requires lobbying the County and elected officials and possibly partnering with other neighboring Cities.