February Endorsement Meeting Recap

Club members and non-club members gathered Sunday, February 22 at El Cerrito High School for the endorsement meeting.  Before getting started, Club members voted to adopt a resolution to aggressively remove obsolete DOT-111 railroad tankers and to restrict their parking.

Candidates (and/or proxies) from Assembly District 15, Congressional District 11, Secretary of State, Board of Equalization,  and State Controller answered questions from the audience. The Club members voted to endorse the following races:

  • Congress (CA-11)-Mark Desaulnier
  • Controller-Betty Yee
  • Board of Equalization-Fiona Ma
  • Secretary of State-No endorsement
  • Assembly-(AD-15)-No endorsement

Primary-endorsed candidates who go on to the general election will carry the ECDC endorsement. We will reconsider races with no endorsement before the general election in November.

Club members also voted on what meeting topics they would like to see this year: Prop 13 Reform-Split Roll, Climate Change and 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty.