Proposed 2019 Budget

The Executive Board (EBoard) of the El Cerrito Democratic Club (Club) recommends a budget that outspends our revenue by almost $2,500. Attached to this article are three tables, the Proposed 2019 budget, Budgets and Actuals over the past five years, and 2018 Budget versus Actual Expenditures. Last year was the first time in the past 5 years where the Club spent more than its revenue, despite proposed negative budgets since 2014. Comments on the individual budget lines are provided for Club member review. Last year’s deficit is in large part due to Donations to Democratic Party of Contra Costa County events and fewer attendees at the Annual Dinner.
The proposed budget will be considered for adoption at the January 22, 2019 meeting. Only Active Members (dues paid) can participate in the vote.

Annual Membership Renewal Period is NOW – Please renew for member benefits

ECDC membership runs from January 1st to December 31st of each calendar year.  2018 members can renew anytime before June 1st, and must be renewed to participate in any club votes – like election of club officers, approval of the 2019 Annual Budget and deciding about 2019 Programs on Tuesday January 22nd (fourth Tuesday of the month).  After June 1st, members from 2018 are treated like new members, and must wait the minimum waiting time to participate in Club endorsement votes (for example: the 2020 Presidential Candidate Endorsement).  New members who join after September 1st, 2019 are members for the balance of 2019 and all of 2020 before they need to renew in January 2021. Membership is $20 for one person at an address, $30 for two at the same address, and $5 for students. Please add an additional $12 if you request a hardcopy newsletter delivered to your mailing address.  If you do not remember if you have renewed for 2019, please email  Renew

  1. online at,
  2. mailing a check (made out to ECDC) to ECDC, P.O. Box 192, El Cerrito, CA 94530, or
  3. bringing your payment to the January 22, 2019 meeting.

If you mail in your dues payment, please provide us with your name(s), address and email.


Draft Resolution on “More Usable” Nuclear Weapons

WHEREAS,  Along with the climate crisis, nuclear war with its concomitant nuclear winter poses the threat of human extinction.

WHEREAS,  HR 6840, a bicameral Hold the LYNE (Low Yield Nuclear Explosive) Act has been introduced by Representatives   A. Smith,  T. Leiu,  J. Garamendi and E. Blumenauer plus Senator E. Markey to prohibit any funds from being used for the research, development, production or deployment of such a new warhead.

WHEREAS,  In 1982, the citizens of California passed the Nuclear Freeze
(proposition 12) and in 2012, along with other cities, the West Contra Costa County city councils of Richmond, El Cerrito and San Pablo passed New Priority resolutions calling for redistributing military spending to address social and environmental needs.

BE IT RESOLVED, that the El Cerrito Democratic Club endorses  HR  6840.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this resolution be sent to our Congressional representatives, the California Council of Democratic Clubs and any California Democratic Party body capable of taking any similar action.

Submitted by Elizabeth (“Betty”) Brown, member ECDC.