Excuse us for putting this up with so little notice, but we WILL have our usual Club booth for July 4 (um, tomorrow,) at Cerrito Vista Park, from 10 AM to about 5 PM. WE DO NEED VOLUNTEERS and your participation would be more than welcome. Other than that, of course, there will be the food and festivities that traditionally make this event so memorable. See you there!


ECDC Walk Maps

ECDC is well known for precinct walking during each general election. We have broken El Cerrito and Kensington into about 150 walks, with each lasting approximately 1 hour.

We are using the old precinct numbers for walking, and these numbers and boundaries may not match the current precincts. In El Cerrito, the precincts are numbered from 1 (north of Barrett) to 22 (south of Fairmount, with 23 located at the top of Moeser Lane). Kensington precinct numbers 1 and 2 and 3 are above Sunset View Cemetery. Precincts 4 through 8 rise from the roundabout (precinct 4) to the Tilden Park boundary (precinct 8).

Each precinct is broken into several walks. The individual walk maps and address lists are included in the bundles of materials used for each walk.

For reference, we have included color-coded maps of the actual precincts (not the individual walks) below. Click on each image for a larger view.

KN 1 through 3
KN 3 through 7
EC 1 through 4
EC 6 through 10
EC 10 through 13
EC 13 through 15
EC 16 through 20
EC 21 through 23

ECDC Endorses Ballot Measures for May/Jun 2014

At the April 22 endorsement forum, the ECDC endorsed the following:

YES on CParcel Tax for Medical Services — West Contra Costa Healthcare District  (2/3 approval Required)

To maintain local emergency room care and continue to provide critical medical services, such as intensive care, care for heart attacks, emergency respiratory care and cancer treatment, shall the West Contra Costa Healthcare District be authorized to levy an annual special tax of fourteen cents per square foot of building area per parcel, with annual audits by an independent oversight committee?

YES on EContra Costa Community College District (55% voter approval required)

To upgrade educational facilities at Diablo Valley, Contra Costa, and Los Medanos Colleges, and the San Ramon and Brentwood centers, and help prepare students for jobs and college transfer by modernizing classrooms and labs, building facilities for health, medical, science, and technology training, and implementing earthquake safety, accessibility and infrastructure improvements, shall the Contra Costa Communty College District issue $450 million of bonds at legal intrerest rates with independent oversight, audits, and all funds spent on local sites?

YES on H: West Contra Costa Unified School District (55% voter approval required)

To repair and upgrade neighborhood schools, shall West Contra Costa Unified School District improve earthquake safety, seniors and handicap accessibility; update science, computer labs, remove asbestos, hazardous materials, and lead-based paint; bring all West County schools up to the same quality; meet fire codes, contstruct, equip facilities, thereby increasing public safety, by issuing $270 million of bond the State cannot take away, at legal rates, with strict citizens oversight, annual audits and no money for pensions or administrators salaries?

YES on LKensington Police Protection and Community Service District (2/3 voter approval required)

 Kensington Community Center Bond Measure – To meet community needs of Kensington residents by moderizing the aging Community Center (Youth Hut), improving earthquake safety, meeting fire and health safety codes, reparing the roof, updating the kitchen and restrooms, updating spaces for youth programs, meetings and events and providing disabled access, shall the Kensington Police Protection and Community Service District issue up to $2 million in bonds, proceeds of which cannot be taken by the State and requiring independent citzens’ oversight?