ECDC 2018 Annual Dinner

The litigants and victors in the United States Supreme Court Case against CA Proposition 8 will discuss their involvement in the 2015 landmark case — which was the basis of the HBO documentary The Case Against 8 — and bring along copies of their book, Love on Trial, to discuss and sign for members.

Living in Berkeley with their four sons, Kris and Sandi had a modern family, but without the protections of legal marriage. In alternating voices, Love on Trial tells the story of each woman’s journey from their 1960s all-American childhoods to the US Supreme Court, sharing tales of growing up in rural America, coming out to bewildered parents, falling in love, and finally becoming a family. From wrangling teenagers and careers to hot flashes at the Supreme Court, Love on Trial provides an honest, amusing look at a family that landed in the middle of one of the most important civil rights battles of our era. Come and ask questions of these two local heroes.

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New Guide & Book: Taking Our Nation Back from Trump & the Republicans

Another two years of Trump will be disastrous. So, we must defeat the Republicans in November at the National level and take back control of the House and the Senate. But for this to happen, we have to better understand the terrible political situation that Trump has created (and the bad movement he has encouraged), to motivate all of the movements that have come up in opposition to Trump to unite, and for all Democrats and their anti-Republican allies to have a bold, courageous and constructive vision of the best America can be. This will inspire voters who had stayed on the sidelines, and new voters who are getting energized (like the Parkland College, Florida, students and newly registered young voters by NextGen America), and motivate them to get out and vote, and defeat the Republicans. But defeating is not enough this time, as Democrats need to be very engaged to keep at it and make sure not only that the damage done to America by Trump is repaired, but that we keep at it to continue to help make America’s visions a reality, so that America is the best that it can be, and to make sure that no reversals occur.

The “Rejuvenate Guide” that I have written, describes this in summary, and is intended to be a handy Action document in the hands of all candidates and people wanting to be active at politics affecting the national level. The “Rejuvenating America – Rejuvenate – Visions of a Better America” is about a 150 page book that active people can refer to if they need to understand a topic or information in greater detail. This book has just been published, and covers all issues in greater detail, but especially the national (and global) dangers of the Trump movement, the Jobs & Economy visions that I have shared with ECDC in the past, and descriptions of and reforms needed of US Defense, Trade policy, Healthcare, Climate Change, and the US financial system. The Guide and Book should help candidates, movement leaders and active folks have stronger talking points – for this both of them list action items for the vision and issue areas.

The Rejuvenate Guide or Manual will be available for free download from the new website. In the meantime, just email me and I will send it to you. The “Rejuvenating America – Rejuvenate, Visions of a Better America” Book, is now available on Amazon.

I am seeking your help to get the word out to all that you know, and especially to candidates and public officials. This is a resource that can help all for the November 6, 2018 election!

Contact Information: Hari Lamba, member El Cerrito Democratic Club,

Resolution on DNC not accepting fossil fuel money

The following resolution was approved by ECDC membership as per voting noted above in the Recap of the August 28 Meeting.

Resolution on DNC Not Accepting Fossil Fuel Money

WHEREAS, Solutions to Climate Change require a phasing out of fossil fuels and to start drastically reducing carbon emissions from burning of fossil fuels, as the results of Climate Change are already being seen in catastrophic wildfires, and worsening hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and coastal storms.

WHEREAS, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had passed a resolution in June 2018 that they would not be accepting fossil fuel industry money. As Labor had objected, they should be convinced by supporting their transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

WHEREAS, the DNC executive committee reversed its stand recently by issuing a resolution welcoming contributions from the fossil fuel industry workers, whether individual or union PACs, or through “employer PACs”, invoking an “all-of-the-above” language in its energy strategy.

BE IT RESOLVED, that we recommend that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) again act as the party that is fighting for solutions for Climate Change and that it fully reject accepting any money from the fossil fuel industry. Individual workers should be encouraged to donate to the Democratic Party in every way, but as individuals.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we, the El Cerrito Democratic Club, forward this resolution directly to the DNC Executive Committee and request a response on what they plan to do in this regard.

Contact Information: Hari Lamba, member El Cerrito Democratic Club,