Outreach to Younger Democrats

Our club has a great history. As the oldest and largest Democratic club in West County, we have given voice to progressive Democrats for over 60 years. But we are not sitting on our laurels. We are looking to the next 60 years of Democratic activism. That is why our executive board will request a $500 increase to the club budget for the purpose of outreach to younger Democrats. It is the hope of the executive board that attracting younger Democrats to our club will help us to build upon the foundation that past and present members laid for us. It should also give our more seasoned members an opportunity to pass on their knowledge as they work side by side with the next generation of Democratic activists. Eventually, the executive board would like to have a designated seat for a Democrat aged 18 to 35. His or her primary responsibilities would include organizing and assisting with outreach to younger Democrats. Our club generally meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Our executive board generally meets on the Monday following our club meeting. This would be an unpaid volunteer position. Interested persons should send a cover letter and resume to past president Hilary Crosby at homehilary@comcast.net.


With profound sadness we announce that Yvonne Marcelle Steffen, one of the most active and longest-serving members of our Club, passed away on July 8 at her home in San Francisco.

Yvonne had French and Swiss parents and her first language was French. She was a career teacher of French, at Stanford, at several high schools, and on military bases in France, Japan, and the US. Her most recent teaching position was at Hogan HS in Vallejo. Of course she was also a dedicated political activist, tireless member of the Sierra Club as well as the ECDC, and a campaign worker for both Clintons and for Tony Thurmond. Her commitment, in politics and in general, was exemplary.

On top of that and much more, she was a great believer in physical fitness, and a really good cook as many of our members can attest. We in the Club have missed her since she moved to San Francisco two years ago, and now she will be missed by many others.


Rep. Justin Amash is a Republican congressman from Michigan and a self-described libertarian. I clipboarded this straight from his Facebook page, so these words are either his or his minion’s:

The bill does not change the ACA’s federal requirements on guaranteed issue (prohibition on policy denial), essential health benefits (minimum coverage), or community rating (prohibition on pricing based on health status). In short, Obamacare’s pre-existing conditions provisions are retained.

The latest version of the AHCA does allow any state to seek a waiver from certain insurance mandates, but such waivers are limited in scope. Guaranteed issue cannot be waived. Nobody can be treated differently based on gender. And any person who has continuous coverage—no lapse for more than 62 days—cannot be charged more regardless of health status.

Consider what this means: Even in a state that waives as much as possible, a person with a pre-existing condition cannot be prevented from purchasing insurance at the same rate as a healthy person.

Bear in mind two things, please. First, these are aspects of Trumpcare that the Congressman doesn’t like. Second, he’s confused; one look at the Trumpcare website will prove that Obamacare’s pre-existing conditions provisions are not retained.