The AHCA’s list of deniable conditions has been published and is unconscionable, not to mention unbelievable. I’m looking for a verified copy, but what I have (from Facebook) includes almost all heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders, hemophilia, and almost all other serious pre-existing conditions. The Trumpcare propaganda says “[T]he AHCA does not eliminate coverage for pre-existing conditions. Like the Affordable Care Act, Trumpcare will require all health insurers to cover people who apply regardless of their medical history. But there are some key differences in what that coverage looks like under Trumpcare vs. the current law.” Then the next section begins with “What Does “Pre-Existing” Mean?” Whether pregnancy is covered or not, at this point, is anybody’s guess. Stay tuned, I’m digging.


Hello, ECDC! We have an exciting meeting planned for our next general membership meeting (4th Tuesday of the month, March 28). Rebecca Barrett from Congressman Mark DeSaulnier’s office (D-Concord) will be speaking on the Indivisible Guide. Please see Hilary’s earlier post regarding the Indivisible Guide. Please note that we may have to change the speaker at the last minute. 

After Rebecca’s talk and your questions, we will turn to our own VP of Records (Marlene Keller) and VP of Media (Mollie Hazen) to discuss the next action steps we can make as individual ECDC members. Also, both will speak about our July 4th booth (hint: volunteers needed!). 
On a side note, please remember that we need to recruit new ECDC members and renew previous ECDC members. The more members we enroll into the club, the greater our collective progressive voice in El Cerrito. This will become even more relevant when we weigh in with endorsements of Democratic primary candidates in 2018 (every 20 ECDC members gives ECDC 1 vote to endorse a Democratic primary candidate). So, recruit your friends, life partners, neighbors, and anyone else registered as a Democrat.
Our March meeting agenda was developed by a quorum of our Executive Board, which met on March 6. The President, VP of Publications, VP of Membership, VP of Records, Treasurer, and VP of Media were present at the Executive Board meeting. 
In addition to our March general membership meeting, the Executive Board discussed:
* various strategies to increase ECDC membership, including reaching out to previous members of ECDC who are not in good standing;
* the candidate forum for the California Democratic Party chair for ECDC’s April meeting;
*possibly rescheduling the May meeting because the fourth Tuesday of May is immediately after the CA Democratic Party’s convention
See you soon,