February Meeting Preview

Regular Club Meeting

 Tuesday, February 24

6:00 p.m.

Zion Presbyterian Church

545 Ashbury Ave



The next Club meeting will be on Tuesday, February 24. We will be finalizing the Club’s initiatives and goals for 2015 and presenting the final calendar for the year. Please look for the approved budget within the newsletter

We’ve invited Assembly member Tony Thurmond to address the Club for our March meeting. Stay tuned for more details.

January Meeting Recap

The January meeting brought the Club a brand new executive board, pages of brainstormed initiatives and objectives, ideas for meeting topics, an approved budget and an a resolution to encourage our State representatives to reform Prop 13 by placing an initiative on the 2016 ballot. The list of new executive board members can be found on page four along with their contact information.


ECDC President, Carla Hansen, gave Club members a presentation of what the Club accomplished in 2014, presented ideas for what the Club could do in 2015 since it’s not an election year and a ideas for meetings. Treasurer, Greg Lyman presented the proposed 2015 budget. Club members provided input on a few line items and voted to approve the proposed budget with an amendment.


The bulk of the meeting was spent on discussing ideas for ECDC-led initiatives and objectives for the year. Club members present at the meeting brainstormed a number of issues and ideas. All of the input was recorded at the meeting. The list will be narrowed down by the executive board and the final ideas will be brought back to the Club at the February meeting. Club members at the February meeting will prioritize the final items on the list. The executive board also agree to finalize the 2015 calendar with the input from the Club members.

ECDC Initiatives and Objectives

Club members brainstormed a number of ECDC-led initiatives and objectives for 2015 at the January meeting. The Executive Board discussed the ideas and based on capacity of the Board and feasibility of topics, is recommending the following list below:


The overall goal of the year is to increase the number of members in the Club. By taking on policy issues in the community, we hope to create and increase interest in the Club (and gain more members).


ECDC-led initiatives


These are policy issues the Club would research, draft, work with relevant stakeholders and advocate for at the City/County level.


  1. Bring resolution to reform Citizen United Resolution to El Cerrito City Council 2.
  2.  Draft a Living Wage Ordinance and get it passed by El Cerrito City Council
  3. Increase voting access and clean-up voter rolls
  4. Address Housing Issues-form a Club committee to look into issues and what other Cities are doing
  5. Increase homeless services in El Cerrito-advocate at County level
  6. Impose a vacant property registration fee for commercial property-partner with Economic Development Committee


Some of the other brainstormed initiatives, such as undergrounding services and WiFi, are more under the purview of the utilities companies and less Democratic Club policy issues.




These objectives are focused on the internal development of the Club.


  1. Update By-laws-focus on streamlining membership renewal process-Committee formed and will report to Club on progress


  1. Build partnerships with other Democratic Clubs in the area