Measure B
for a Safe, Modern Library
for El Cerrito

Yes on Measure B will provide locally-controlled bond funds to build a functional, modern 21st century library that is up to earthquake and fire codes, with a computer learning center, more space for children’s story times,  space for after-school programs for youth and teens, increased senior and disabled access, group study/community meeting areas and more public access computers.  

The measure includes fiscal accountability provisions such as mandatory audits and annual review by the Financial Advisory Board to ensure that funds are spent as promised.  Moreover, El Cerrito residents will have the opportunity for public review and comment regarding operations and building design once the bond is approved and the detailed design planning phase begins.

Built in 1948, the current El Cerrito Library does not meet earthquake safety standards or the educational and technology needs of today’s El Cerrito residents.  The $30 million bond measure is not a blank check, but would be used to acquire land, design and permit and construct a safe, modern building in line with the 2014 Library Space Needs Assessment that was developed based on best practices for modern libraries, as well as community feedback and input from library staff.  Only those funds necessary will actually be borrowed and, as discussed at City Council, options were well below $30 million. Those who say the library could be built at a much lower cost are not using an apples to apples comparison for the full cost to build a new library given recent inflation and often fail to include the cost of land, site grading and utility connection, seismic protections and other, necessary costs.  In order to prepare the cost estimates, the City has engaged well respected library architects and construction management firms who project these expenses to be well within the norm for new libraries. Finally, there is not enough space to accommodate a larger library facility at the current site next to Fairmont Elementary School. Therefore, the City and its professional consultants developed a selection criteria based on the Needs Assessment and other data to evaluate other potential sites. The site selection process is still underway as the City is evaluating multiple options in order to develop the most cost-effective building and operational program for the new library.

Yes on B requires a 2/3rds vote.  We urge each and every one of you to find Measure B on the ballot and vote “yes” because a safe, modern library will provide a much-needed, learning environment for us and for future generations.

Marlene Keller
Yes on Measure B Committee

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Hi everyone,
Most of you know that I am a strong supporter of a new library in El Cerrito.  To achieve that goal, we need everyone’s help in the next 60 days to ensure that at least 67% of El Cerrito voters vote Yes on Measure B for the library in the November 8election.
The opposition to a new library seems to focus on cost.  They are concerned about the added cost of a parcel tax.  But they are ignoring two things:
1) libraries add value to our property and community; and
2) what we pay in property tax is more than made up by what we save by not having to buy books, records, DVDs, etc   (You can check out the American Library Association’s Library Value Calculator at    
The campaign website is coming soon. You can see us inside Facebook.  Once in Facebook, type Yes on El Cerrito Library 2016 to see !
Thank you!
Al Miller
Yes on B for the El Cerrito Library


[Endorsed candidates are in bold. 60% of the vote is required for endorsement.]


* % of the
AC Transit At Large Total Votes Cast:           111 Total
Chris Peeples              65 59%
Dollene Jones              23 21%
No Endorsement              23 21%
BART District 3 Total Votes Cast:           115
Ken Chew              12 10%
Rebecca Saltzman *              75 65%
Varun Paul               –    0%
No Endorsement              28 24%
BART District 7 Total Votes Cast:           120
Lateefah Simon              65 54%
Roland Emerson               –    0%
Will Roscoe                5 4%
Zakhary Mallett              22 18%
No Endorsement              28 23%
Board of Education District 1 Total Votes Cast:           119
Elaine Merriweather              19 16%
Fatima Sierre Alleyne              29 24%
Pam Mirabella              54 45%
No Endorsement              17 14%
West Contra Costa School Board Total Votes Cast:           141
Antonio Medrano              14 10%
Ayana Young              27 19%
Carlos Taboada              30 21%
Don Gosney              16 11%
Miriam S Sequeira              12 9%
Mister Phillips *              85 60%
Tom Panas              51 36%
No Endorsement                5 4%
Kensington Police Protection Community Services Board Total Votes Cast: 124
Chuck Toombs              62 50%
David Spath              46 37%
Eileen Nottoli              26 21%
Simon Brafman                5 4%
Sylvia Hacaj              19 15%
No Endorsement              34 27%
El Cerrito City Council Total Votes Cast: 128
Greg Lyman *              92 71%
Nicholas Arzio              46 36%
Paul Fadelli              64 50%
Rochelle Okimoto *              78 61%
No Endorsement                9 6%