Summary of Interview of Hari Lamba by Paul Fadelli  – February 26, 2019

ECDC Feb 26,2019 Interview  (Short Video Link)

Hari Lamba, the El Cerrito Democratic Club VP for Publications, who worked as an engineer and has become active in environmental, economic and political issues, was interviewed by El Cerrito City, California, Council member Paul Fadelli on “The Climate Change and National Political Crisis (Problems & Solutions)” in a dialogue that included questions from the membership audience. Paul introduced Hari and summarized his work history and publications. Paul discussed the lack of national commitment to green-house gas (GHG) reductions in his opening remarks.  He stated it would be nice to have a national carbon cap-and-trade program like California has. Hari stated he was motivated to write his books to make the planet and America a better place.  Long Video is also on Youtube (