ECDC 2018 Annual Dinner

The litigants and victors in the United States Supreme Court Case against CA Proposition 8 will discuss their involvement in the 2015 landmark case — which was the basis of the HBO documentary The Case Against 8 — and bring along copies of their book, Love on Trial, to discuss and sign for members.

Living in Berkeley with their four sons, Kris and Sandi had a modern family, but without the protections of legal marriage. In alternating voices, Love on Trial tells the story of each woman’s journey from their 1960s all-American childhoods to the US Supreme Court, sharing tales of growing up in rural America, coming out to bewildered parents, falling in love, and finally becoming a family. From wrangling teenagers and careers to hot flashes at the Supreme Court, Love on Trial provides an honest, amusing look at a family that landed in the middle of one of the most important civil rights battles of our era. Come and ask questions of these two local heroes.

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